An experienced cybersecurity leader serving as the President & CEO of The Penn Group. I hold the CISSP, CCSP, CAP, and Security+ certifications.

Nothing will kill your organization faster than saying the words “we will never be”.

I’ve founded multiple successful companies in my life. A serial entrepreneur, born to bring vision to reality. As the President and CEO of The Penn Group, I spent a significant amount of energy casting vision, and helping to bridge the gap between expectation and reality. I am an idealist. I…

What is a lie? A lie is a falsehood, a mistruth, a debt that is incurred to the truth?

With the close of 2020, we ended an era. Like the roaring twenties or the disco revolution of the 1970s, 2010–2020 (the 20s) will be known as the period in which truth left us. In the Information Age, for the first time, we as a society could air our grievances…

Austin Harman, CISSP

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