Leading By Influence: The Fight To Perfection

I Quit Writing For 3 Months

Disagreement isn’t Disrespect

Execution Isn’t Demanding

Influence Isn’t Easy

Nash was the first American car manufacturer to offer seat belts as a factory option in its 1949 models. They were installed in 40,000 cars, but buyers did not want them and requested dealers to remove them. The feature was “met with insurmountable sales resistance” and Nash reported that after one year “only 1,000 had been used” by customers. Ford offered seat belts as an option in 1955. These were not popular with only 2% of Ford buyers choosing to pay for seatbelts in 1956. — Wikipedia, on Seatbelts

Stats do not break laps — Austin Harman

Perfection Isn’t Excellence

Influence is Possible

An experienced cybersecurity leader serving as the President & CEO of The Penn Group. I hold the CISSP, CCSP, CAP, and Security+ certifications.

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